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We Support the Rule of Law in Hong Kong


We hereby declare our commitment to the following values, and call on our profession’s representatives in government and legislature and the people of Hong Kong, regardless of political affiliation, to:


Solicitor 事務律師
Signed 50%
Barristers 大律師
Signed 50%
Lawyers 律師
Commitment to the following 5 values



Uphold and protect the rule of law in Hong Kong


Condemn all unlawful violence, and condemn intimidation and bullying whether online or offline


Respect the personal safety, personal freedoms and property rights of others, and respect our city’s public property


Support the restoration of law and order


Support the due process of the law in dealing with criminal or unlawful behaviour by any person


About us


We are members of the Hong Kong legal profession who firmly support the rule of law and the maintenance of law and order, regardless of political affiliation. We condemn all unlawful violence and are against other illegalities. We are concerned about misconceptions by the public of the political stance of the legal profession and intend to correct such misconceptions. It has also been brought to our attention that there have been misleading or inaccurate legal advice given by political parties and the public and it is one of our missions to correct such misleading or inaccurate advice. We are also interested in using our legal expertise to better educate the public on legal matters or to take other actions for the betterment of Hong Kong.



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